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    Default Greetings from Grand Lake in N.E. OK.

    I am an environmentalist (No longer in the field due to treachery)
    and I want to finally get bees this year in my eternal quest for
    self-sustainability. After much reading & consideration I have
    decided to build sawdust insulated, 2X4-framed double Top Bar
    hives with natural wood detritus layer in the floor hopfully
    populated with all of the normal residents bees would find below
    their combs in hollow logs. Everytime man tries to fight against
    nature he finds he creates problems that he then tries to solve
    with chemicals and other unnatural methods. Well my dog eats
    raw meat regularly and my chickens are free-ranged.
    Under no circumstances do I want to use medications with my
    bees (that is not sustainable) and I want to get all my bees
    from local wild populations which are adapted to these conditions
    and have not been artificially kept alive resulting in genetic
    inferioriority. If I am not losing some bees each year then I will
    feel they need to be challenged more to weed out the weak.
    We should do the same with people.
    I am hoping that this can eventually lead to a business selling
    honey, pollen, propolis, soap, candles, pomade, mead and other
    products I may not have considered as yet. But first priority is
    providing for my families needs for natural products which have
    not been purposely poisoned and sold to us as safely
    government approved products.
    If government approves.... throw it away. Which gets me to
    the issue of the highly excessive taxation that penalizes us
    all for being successful, effective enslavement (Income tax)
    and the un-American crimilization of property ownership
    (How can I say I own my property when I am paying the
    government for it forever...thats called renting). So I am
    interested in freeing myself from this Liberty-killing
    abomination of property tax by having an Apiary.
    On the matter of a periscope entrance, is there any solid
    evidence of its benefits to a hive?

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    Default Re: Greetings from Grand Lake in N.E. OK.

    Welcome to Beesource. If you want to voice opinions and discuss matters of government, we have a forum called Tailgater for this ( Otherwise, please keep discussion in all the bee forums about beekeeping.
    Regards, Barry

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    Default Re: Greetings from Grand Lake in N.E. OK.

    Welcome to the site!

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    Default Re: Greetings from Grand Lake in N.E. OK.

    Welcome to the site, I am just across the border in Arkansas!


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    Default Re: Greetings from Grand Lake in N.E. OK.

    Welcome A! You will need to monitor the "local wild population" for a year. Feral colonies actually die or abscond in the wild and are quickly replaced by another colony, but that is nature.


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