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    New-bee here in NY! Just installed my first nuc Sunday in our backyard. I'm deathly afraid of bees, but for some reason I have wanted to raise bees for a while now. I guess run towards your fears, right? I've done pretty well the two times I went into the hive (first time installing it, second time to give more food because I didn't realize my bag of sugar was empty!) but I haven't yet gotten to investigate my hive closely. Hopefully in the next weekend or two I can have a good chunk of time on a nice sunny day to look at all the marvels going on inside of this painted little box in my backyard. I have a million questions, and I'm very afraid of swarming, or that I squished the queen, or that they are all going to die under my watch.

    I look forward to the life long journey of learning about bees in my future!

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    Welcome Q! My family came from New Utrecht, Long Island, New York. Jan Van Cleef moved there back in 1659. Jan was the delegate for Brunswick County to the States General and West Indies Company in New Amsterdam, April 10, 1664.

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    Welcome to the site!


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