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    Default Re: Paint selection - Interior vs Exterior and "Barn Paint"

    I have one of those sanding sponges from the hardware store. I slightly sand the surface to help with pain adherence. I also put more paint onto the joints and exposed wood grain ends. That should address the issues Peter listed. You never get perfect protection because wood is a living thing. It does expand and and contract during the season.
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    Default Re: Paint selection - Interior vs Exterior and "Barn Paint"

    My favorite paint is from the local freecycle and craigslist. Post a request and/or just search the posts, you'll be amazed at what you get for free. Paint, for some reason, seems to be one of those things that folks either don't know what to do with when they have leftovers (it is one of the most common things left behind when someone moves) or they just don't want it because they are 'done' with that color. I just picked up 3qts of practically new, practically full exterior acrylic Lowes paint that somebody found in their basement when they moved in. Old owners didn't care to take it with them, new owners don't know what to do with it, and it probably would have been tossed otherwise. Nice light tan colors, and again, free. Perfect for painting those free boxes I just built out of free shipping crates from freecycle. Now, if only the sun would shine again so I can get to painting...


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