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    Default When should I check on the Queen when bad weather is forecasted?

    I hived my first ever 3lb. packages (2 hives) of bees into their hives 2 days ago(Saturday). It is now Monday and I was told that I should check to see if the queens have been released from their cage after 5 days from installation. That would make the observation day to be Thursday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week are forecasted to be cloudy, t-storms possible, rain likely, cold out(low to middle 50's), and I can assume it will be somewhat windy here in southern Wisconsin. The weekend outlook is "suppose" to be better weather. My question is, should I check on the queens during this, "less than ideal" inspection weather or wait a full 7 days before checking if the queens have been released from their cage as well as inspecting the progress of the hive? Is it too early on Wednesday to check on them if the temperature happens to be in the 60's and it is just overcast?

    Also, is it okay if I poked 30 pinhole size holes in the lid of a plastic peanut container to use as my syrup feeder that will be placed face down over the inner cover? I am concerned that I may have too many small holes in the lid. A vacuum seems to be present when placed on the cover, but I am still a bit nervous if a lid can have too many holes in it causing excess syrup to drip. Thanks.
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