In several hives this spring I've found frames of crystallized honey. Most times I've found them in deadouts - but occasionally in living hives as well. In the living hives I would assume that the bees didn't need it - that they had other resources easier to injest and that for whatever reason they didn't use the moisture generated by their respiration to re-liquify the honey.

Some of my hives that are booming this spring by and large cleaned out their stored honey and are now storing incoming nectar.

So I'm left wondering... If weaker hives have difficulty overwintering on honey likely to crystallize, how do I go about getting them to store sugar syrup for winter and put the Golden Rod/Aster honey in the supers for me? I have a decent market for the stronger tasting honey. I'm nervous about feeding syrup and then putting supers on at a later date out of concern that the bees *might* move the syrup into the supers - and I don't want to risk selling "honey" made from sugar syrup.

I can't be the first person to wrestle with this question. I'm curious how others have dealt with the problem.