Hello everyone,
I am new to bee keeping, having caught a swarm near my house in Oakland CA and put it in a 10 frame langstroff super (7" not deep). It was not a particularly big swarm and a local bee keeper suggested that this is late in the swarm season in our area and that I might have a virgin queen. It rained and was cold for 4 days after I captured them and we have now had 3 warm days. He said that if the queen was virgin, she would mate after 2 or 3 sunny days and not to approach the hive too much for a for a few days after that as she could get lost leaving or returning to the hive due to my physical presence changing the local landmarks she would be using for direction. Currently the bees are quite active to the point where using the smallest entrance restricting hole caused a pile-up of bees on the outside of the hive waiting to get back in. There doesnt seem to be much crowding with the medium opening. The bees are clearly setting up flight paths and I would assume are gathering nectar and pollen. I did not feed the bees any sugar water. So far the bees are very docile, last night we moved the hive up onto a platform I built and are using cups of veg oil around the legs to prevent ant incursions. however, this morning I noticed around 10 bees in the cup closest to where they land prior to entering the hive so I made a sheet metal skirt to prevent bees from falling into the oil, installed it on over the problem spot and used aluminum foil over the other front leg. During this time I don't think I got much attention from any guard bees although I was fully suited and concentrating on getting my work done quickly with a minimum jaring or vibration to the hive, so there may have been some guard interest in me...

My questions are:
1. Is there any way to know if I have a virgin queen, and if or when she will have mated?
2. Since I have started with a regular super, I was figuring on putting another 7" super for brood comb and then a final super with a queen restricter for the honey super. Should I be expecting to harvest honey this year?
3. I am planning on inspecting the hive next weekend to look for brood and eggs, should I look sooner or wait a week, and does it matter?

Thanks Mark