I do believe I just experienced a Usurpation swarm. I found fighting in front of my mother, and daughter hive. I saw fighting against bees brining in pollen. I saw what appeared to be a very small swarm. Some were a few feet on the ground in front of my strongest hive. The most concentrated part of the swarm was on the side of my strongest hive. and were crawling under neither my screen bottom board. I did call the department of ag here in Mo, and they asked me to get them some samples. If a small swarm of AHB attacked my hive. I will place the blame solely on all these new survivor queen breeders, who reside in AHB effected states. I really do not care the response I get from that comment either . Because, that is the only rational explanation for AHB to be introduced to central Missouri. I am crossing my fingers this was not a AHB Usurpation swarm. I only own a veil and gloves, no full suit ,and I have good bee queens coming in May from Russell apiary. So this is coming at a pretty bad time ,actually I think it would always be a bad time for any hive to have an AHB Usurpation swarm. I hope the bee community sees what a threat this could be to all beekeepers in states that do not have AHB. Believe me if I just had a AHB Usurpation swarm. I will be writing a letter to the editor, and my news paper resides in this states capital city.