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Thread: What now?

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    Default What now?

    It looks like a good portion of my bees have survived the Winter.
    I did an inspection on Saturday. Most of the bees are still clustered in the top box.
    Maybe four frames of honey left.
    A bunch of bees are clinging to their Candy board. Another bunch are enjoying the Mountain camp method. Others are enjoying stored honey.
    (I tried to give them as many options as possible )
    Maybe two pounds of bees at best. Not quite a full package install.
    I searched here and via Google and read through my Books concerning Spring Management.
    What do the experts recommend that I do at this point?
    Leave the hive alone and feed until higher temperatures and pollination is reached?
    Manipulate the Supers?
    I am guessing that my bottom brood boxes are empty now?
    Not sure what to do at this point.
    Clean? Manipulate the boxes? Swap out Foundations?

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    Default Re: What now?

    Check the bottom brood boxes. If they're empty, you could either reverse them, or simply remove them and continue up with your stack. Around here (Worcester MA) they say to add a honey super as soon as you see dandelions. My overwintered hives turned out to have a bunch of honey left, and the experts here said to take away the syrup and sugar so they'd eat their honey thereby making more room in drawn comb for more eggs.

    Where were those experts yesterday when I did all this reorganization and got stung 5 times?

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    Default Re: What now?

    You can manipulate if you want although I tend to do that when the populations are a little higher. In my experience, they'll go back down all by themselves. In fact, you may want to check in the near future (if you don't manipulate) and look for eggs. You can leave the feed on if they're taking it. It'll be just a bit longer before real flows start although they're bringing some nectar in now.
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