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    Default Trying to put off swarm season.

    I have pulled three queens out of five hives also pulled extra queen cells to make another split. Sure wish I would have broke up the brood earlier or added more room, but feared the freezing weather we still haven't had. Maybe this will add to the work force of the parent hives if only the flow is on? Blackberries are starting to open up here in west central Indiana and locust are in bloom.

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    Default Re: Trying to put off swarm season.

    It is really hard to stop swarming when it starts. If you find queen cells you can do a split taking the old queen and open brood , with their nurse bees plus pollen and honey (so say 5 frames total) to a new location in your yard. The old hive will keep bringing in honey during the flow and when the new queen cell hatches it will go out , mate and come back and kill her sister queen cells and start laying , but it might take about 3 weeks.


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