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    Default 1st swarm and cut out

    I caught my first swarm Friday and they left the next day I put some drawn comb in a old deep and put an entrance reducer in also. What did I do wrong?

    Saturday I was doing a cutout, it was cloudy but it was the only time I could do it. Got everything set up started to cut the gable end where they were at and they poured out started stinging me threw my gloves and jeans. They seamed very aggressive. Do u think it was the weather or do u think they could be ahb?

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    Default Re: 1st swarm and cut out

    It is good if you get the swarm into a box which has some old comb in it to leave them taped up, (But with air vents ) for a whole day in a cool shady place, like a garage. Then next day set them in their new location and release them and feed them sugar syrup.

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    Default Re: 1st swarm and cut out

    A frame of brood (if you have it) will work better than just comb. Also might try a few drops of LGO. Disturb them as little as possible until they have brood.

    Did you smoke them first and wait 5 min? Some are more aggressive than others. If it is cloudy/cool there could be more bees are in the hive, I have read they are a little more aggressive/defensive on cloudy days. You might want to get some different gloves.


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