I installed a package about two weeks ago. However, I've actually only fed them twice because they were being robbed pretty badly. A local beekeeper told me that I may not want to feed them at all, which sounds good to me, but it contradicts everything I have read so far about feeding packages.

Anyways, my bees seem to be doing fine now (they aren't being robbed anymore, at least), but I haven't actually opened the hive to verify this because my book says to wait 15 days. However, I'm just wondering if I should feed them another jar of sugar syrup, or just let them forage since our weather has been very good and the honeyflow is well under way.

Also, as a side note, I installed my bees in a medium, and I'm also wondering if I should place another super on top when I go to check on the bees as the 15 day mark.

Please help