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    Default Opening up top entrance on new package...

    Hi all,

    So any of you that have been following my threads know I just installed my first two packages of Bee Weaver Bees last Saturday. I'm using eight frame medium, foundationless (with one pf120 in the center of the hive) and top entrances for my hives.

    I performed my initial inspection last Thursday and the bees were doing well, drawing nice straight comb. So far no problems. The bees are bringing home lots of pollen and they have slowed down on feeding on the 1:1 syrup I had provided when I installed them.

    Here's the question. When I installed them, I reduced the entrance down to about an inch and a half wide by about 3/8 inch tall (the height of my strips making the top entrance). I'm assuming I want to keep the entrance reduced until there are new bees that can assist with keeping the entrance guarded. So that would really be a minimum of three weeks after the queen is laying. Is that about right? And then if they are doing well open the entrance up to full width?

    Thanks for helping a newbee!


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    Default Re: Opening up top entrance on new package...

    Being a cautious sort I would leave them reduced as long as possible. If the bees are standing on each other to try to get in than open it more. But I would have an entrance reducer that was between 1.5 inches and all the way open. I like one about 4 by 3/8 inches.
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