very good point. the Achilles heel of my theory. it would be interesting to se oe the data of losses between those using excluders and those who dont. while also factoring in the hive size--singles, doubles, etc and how compare parent colonies vs splits. pop a queen in and ship it to the dakotas....alot show up already dead. i ll conclude with the following--there may be holes in my theory but believe that better practices will reduce the number of losses, and will show an accurate # which are CCD . with workmanship and stress removed then the focus can be on pesticides and herbicides. the free university as intended by the founding fathers was exactly the opposite of what we have today. we were told of the growing influence of corporations in developing the curriculum in non private universities by Pres. Eisenhauer in his farewell address. we were told to be vigilant. if the SDSU ag department has a marqui that reads: the bayer crop-science school of agronomy, is that vigilance? by definition it is fascism. that point is indisputable.