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    Default First try at luring a swarm

    Thought I'd give it a go since there is some extra equipment that is just sitting around.
    Its a deep with a couple frames of foundation, a frame of old brood comb, a top bar with a small section of drawn comb and some drops of lemon oil.
    Its sitting on a 7' piece of 5/8" square that was in a corner of the Smithy.

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    Default Re: First try at luring a swarm

    That looks real pretty. Im sure you will have a swarm as soon as it warms up.
    Best of luck!

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    Default Re: First try at luring a swarm

    Lemon oil, or Lemon GRASS Oil?
    I use lemon oil in my swarm lure, but only 1 drop for every ten of LGO (and 5 of geranium)...not sure how effective it'd be on its own?

    ...of course, the brood comb could end up being a better lure anywise


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