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    Smile Re: R. Russell queens

    I feel obliged to post my consumer experience in this thread. I ordered a couple of Sunkist queens based on the "hype" surrounding their buildup. While I was waiting for them I managed to snag a couple of Sunkist nucs from someone who refused to pick up their order from Russell (let me interject a big THANK-YOU to whoever it was that didn't want their nucs). A few weeks later, I have concluded that the "hype" about the Sunkists is well deserved. (x2) They have done very, very well building up in a reduced nectar flow. Got them as a 5 frame nuc (bursting at the seams), moved them into 10 frame hives, added another deep to each, then another deep to each as they needed room. Having this experience, I ordered more queens (Buckfast and JN Russell's) to add diversity to my stock and to try some bees that I've been wanting to try. I can hardly wait until they get here, but until they do, I will keep focusing on my plan to increase my hives and become a better beekeeper, so that when they do come I will have plenty of places to put them.
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