The only fools here are the ones that 1. Defend RA having had ZERO dealings with them and 2. Those that call those of us that have had poor dealings with them fools.

If "making good" is actually doing what you said you would do long after you said you would do it, then I'll be happy. But there's nothing else warranted on my part. Nothing else is due. Over and over, they have said they would do things and haven't. When they do finally "make it right", they are owed NOTHING from us. What are we supposed to do?? "Good news guys!!! RA came through 2 months late!! They really are upstanding!!!" Upstanding is doing what you said you would do THE FIRST TIME or in as timely of a manner and as gracious as possible.

If you ordered something from Walmart online and it didn't show up when it was supposed to, what would you do? You'd call them, email them and maybe even stop by the store. But if they never answered your calls, emails or didn't allow you on the property, you'd be mad. But when the product did finally show up, your reaction isn't going to be, "Hey, those Walmart folks aren't so bad after all. At least they did finally send it to me. Hey everybody, WALMART'S GREAT!!!"'d tell everyone you knew to avoid ordering from Walmart online.

I'm such a fool that I've received, just today, a THANK YOU for posting this. He was about to order based upon their website only. But because this thread was at the top of the forum, and he read about all of our experiences, he chose to order elsewhere.

I keep hearing, "good folks", "ethical", etc....I'm not going to doubt their intensions and their hearts. But their actions have spoken louder.
My past experiences with purchasing queens:
1. They answer the phone and return emails.
2. If they can't fill the order, then they say , "I can't fill the order". RA takes the order and the $$ and doesn't tell if they can fill it by the date you asked. I find it hard to believe that they are unaware that they can't fill our orders. This is not an "I want it now" mentality. It's really a "I'd like for you to be up front and honest with us about when/if you can fill the order. If you can't, that's fine. I can look elsewhere for an order and I'll call you again since you were up front and honest with me." But because of how they have conducted themselves, there are tons of folks that are out there screaming, "Don't do business with them!" Now, whose fault is that?????

Look, I sell nucs every year and every year I have to say to people, "I'm sorry, I don't have anymore." This year, I actually called some folks back pretty early and told them that I would not be able to fill their order for nucs. Since they were the last orders, they were the first off the list and I refunded their deposits. I actually put them in touch with folks that I knew sold a good nuc. That's agriculture. I'm fully aware of it. Our business is affected by things we have no control over.

I keep saying I'm done with this, but them I was called a fool...

Do I dare bring up your sexist comments? Now, that show's who the fool is...