From someone outside looking in.

1) i care to hear about customers who received poor customer support from a vendor they ordered products with.
2) I have no idea who's side is more true, but i have little reason to doubt a person who posts they have tried to get in contact with a vendor multipul times with no success. Only to finally get a response after a disputing the charge with a credit card company. Which is all to familiar story.
3) a vendor could have the best excuses in the world, or the worst. Doesn't matter, point is, IF they dont make an effort to communicate to EVERY customer, that there order has become delayed, especially with a time sensitive product, thats poor customer service period.
Oh and by my math....May 28 to june 10th is 1 day short of 2 weeks or "nearly 2 weeks". I dont what else you would call "nearly 2 weeks"?