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    Big Grin New Beekeeper Nova Scotia

    Hello, my name is Ben Little. i am 30 years old and I live in Bridgewater Nova Scotia. I am new and i have 2 complete hives and my safety equipment, But no Bees yet, the nucs are ordered from a man named Kevin Spicer in Nova Scotia . i have been reading like crazy and watching videos on youtube, seeing some different ideas ect.
    I would like to get together with some local keepers and chat and learn from them if possible

    There is some people around who keep bees , but they don't seem to be around or want to help me, one guy said " go to a course " ummm well i don't have 350-400 dollars for a weekend course that is held once a year like the one at the windhorse farm .

    I thought there was a common interest with keepers , like sharing the wealth of knowledge , it shouldn't be a secret or at least that is what i thought.

    Anyways i am soo glad i found this site it looks great !! good job everyone !!

    if anyone wishes to chat or whatever i am VERY into beekeeping.
    I always thought Bees were amazing creatures , but i never understood anything about them , until recently .

    Thanks for listening

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    Default Re: New Beekeeper Nova Scotia

    Hi Ben!

    You will find willing "helpers" here... Have fun.
    Trying to think inside the box...

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    Welcome Ben!
    I never knew how many people in my area had hives until I started and now while driving I see more and more, keep asking there are people out there willing to help, plus you have this fourm as well
    Have fun when your girls arrive

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    Default Re: New Beekeeper Nova Scotia

    Welcome Ben!


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