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    Default Setting hive price

    I am selling a hive to a friend and trying to figure out a fair price. I'm not trying to make any money off of this sale, but would like to not lose a ton, either. The hive is established, in an 8 frame deep super. I am adding a medium super today. The honey is mostly sugar water honey, so I'm losing any real honey in the sale.

    I am thinking that $200-$300 is fair for such a hive.

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    Default Re: Setting hive price

    Charge him what you would pay for it. Better advice would be to have him order equipment and a package of bees and then help him install them. Either that or sell them to him for the cost of your equipment with the provision that you get to take a split from them next spring if they are still alive and doing well.

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    Default Re: Setting hive price

    If it's for a friend, I think if you charged new price for a replacement materials, you're more than covered. Do you want to charge a friend for labor to seemble?????

    Hive base? $3.00
    Bottom board $5.00
    Deep $13
    Medium $11
    8 deep frames & foundation $16
    8 medium frames & foundation $15
    Inner cover? $3
    Telescopic or migratory cover $5
    Queen - $20
    Sugar for syrup to build replacements - $20

    Are the bees surplus to you and if you want, can you get a split from yours?? Or a split back from him next spring.

    Do you have to purchase a queen or are can you raise a replacement???

    $125 probably covers your out of pocket, assuming you have the skills, tools, and time, and can throw in the labor to assemble replacements.

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    Default Re: Setting hive price

    I wouldn't charge more than $135.00 for that setup specially for a friend.

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    Default Re: Setting hive price

    I did this, this spring. Had a hive on a friends place with the agreement, if she liked the experience she could buy me out, if it over-wintered, it did!.
    In addition to mgolden's list I included a veil, hive tool, 2 med supers (rather than one), mentoring/helping.
    The Hive swarmed last summer and I was able to capture it along with my store bought queen so no charge for the home raised queen.
    I took most of the honey last summer.
    I sold it to her for $165, we are both happy with the deal and I continue to assist.

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    Default Re: Setting hive price

    Considering nucs are going for $100-$140 each right now, one small but complete hive should be worth at least $60 more than the cost of the bees.


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