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    Default Observation hive swarmed today... Thoughts on swarm lure.

    My indoor observation hive swarmed today. I noticed the swarm cell being built a few days ago. So, I put a 5 frame nuc on the back porch near the observation hive entrance. I put a q tip on the top frames and added several drops of lemon grass oil on it and also a few drops near the entrance. I was able to watch the hive swarm. Which was very educational. The bees did collect on the outside bottom of the nuc and along the hand rail of the porch it was sitting on. the nuc had a solid bottom board on it. I ended up slowly collecting the bees in a plastic cup and putting them in the hive. I saw the queen and caught her in a clip style catcher and put her in the hive. Soon all bees followed and I released her from the clip. So I was able to catch them. My question is, being that the swarm collected on the outside of the nuc with the lemon grass oil in it, do you think they would have eventually gone in the nuc? Or is this just a crap shoot? Just wondering for next time. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Observation hive swarmed today... Thoughts on swarm lure.

    Personally, I think: maybe. LOL, I'm guessing it's very much a "crap shoot," but that the fact they formed a resting swarm on the nuc gives at least some anecdotal evidence that the LGO may have lured them there, and that they VERY likely at least had several scouts checking out the nuc, if they hadn't already decided on it. That said, I'm not much of a "Bee Psychologist," so I'm pretty much just guessing here, same as you.


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