I botched it in a few ways, but I think they're doing ok. This is a video I made of me doing it:


The plans called for nailed in top-bars, and so when it came time to think about install, I didn't know what to do and so basically put a half box on thinking I'd take it right back off - but they didn't go down into the hive really and now I think are building onto the bottom of my hive-top feeder in that half box...also I didn't mean to directly release the queen, but I did.

They seem pretty happy, lots of flying in and out and the box where they are feels toasty from the outside. They've been bringing out the dead ones that were in the box - since it's on my roof, I go out and sweep them up periodically - is it normal to find lots of drones? I've so far found three dead drones laying around - the first one I saw I thought was my queen and panicked - but it was rounder and not marked. I've posted a bunch of pictures and another video in my blog:


I'm still feeling a little nervous about queen acceptance, but I think they're going to be ok.