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    Default Re: Factors contributing to Swarms and Swarm Prevention

    Quote Originally Posted by Acebird View Post
    Daniel, it is Raders way. Your going to find it very difficult responding to him with more intelligence.
    When I saw your post I knew what you were saying but I also knew it would be taken the wrong way.
    OK Ace, lets get this issue straight.

    Are you saying that in Daniel's comments (post #168) that you knew he disagreed with Walt, but the inclusion of the insulting epithets meant Daniel's comments would draw a harsh response?

    Is that correct?

    If so, I agree completely. Nice to see we share some common ground.

    Ace, you have a history of taking threads "down the rabbit hole", as Barry eloquently put it. Whether you realize it or not, that is a reference to Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. Following you down the rabbit hole is a silly expedition. Having a reasonable discussion with the Mad Hatter simply does not work, so instead I change the course of the discussion to the Hatter's affliction. The alternative is to allow the madness to continue.

    I recognize that not everyone is comfortable with my approach.

    Ace, allow me to suggest that if you refrain from taking threads "down the rabbit hole", I will refrain from dredging up your past embarrassing quotes. How about it?
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