New is not always better. Why in the world would one think that changing from the tried and true to the new up-to-date plastic foundations/frames would improve the quality of a beehive? I have recently converted to plastic foundation/frames and much to my dismay, have had a complete failure. I have added them into established brood chambers that had old, damaged comb-none have been drawn out. Then had the wonderful idea to use them in some swarm boxes I have caught this year. Even after coating the frames in syrup (sugar water) and feeding the swarms, they left. That's right. Three caught swarms left my boxes. I have NEVER had this happen with wax foundation. Yes, it would have been ideal for me to put drawn comb in with the new swarms or even some established brood frames, but unfortunately I don't have any to spare at the moment. Needless to say, I will be going back to all wax foundation. Sure, maybe it will be a little more effort on my end, but it beats losing over $300 in swarms - not to mention the quality and health of my existing colonies. Sorry for the venting, but I am absolutely sick over my screw up.