i guess i'm just lucky, there have been bees on my property for the last five winters and there have been zero winter losses.

2008 4 hives

2009 6 hives

2010 4 hives (two summer losses after beekeeper died, both absconds from shb/moth infestation)

2011 10 hives (no summer or winter losses)

2012 17 hives (two summer losses, one laying worker and one varroa), i know we are not to april yet, but it looks like all 17 are gonna make it. and if they do, it will be five consecutive winters with zero losses.

i do insulate the top and have vents up there, but that's about it.

sol, thanks for the link to beeinformed.org

i scoured that whole site after you first bumped the thread this fall, good stuff.

and i have signed up to participate in next year's survey.

for me, surveys are surveys, no more, no less.

when it comes to information that has some real meat on the bones, something i can readily use in my operation, i have gleaned more useful and practical information by the shared testimonials here on beesource.