Since this was discussed in another thread I thought we could take it into a separate one.

Why do you want to be off the grid and how.

My personal plan is to incorporate wind and solar for electricity. Ethanol, biodiesel, methane and/or wood for fuel. Conservation through insulation and house design (south facing windows, wind breaks and the like).
I do not plan on cutting the power lines to the house, but I do want the practical knowledge and the infrastructure to have the ability to be energy independent. This is a 10 year plan, as my wife has made it clear that a new house comes first, but we are currently working on being able to have the ability to produce our own food through heirloom plants in the garden, a large greenhouse (next year), composting, fruit and berries (23 fruit trees in last year and we are doubling that this spring) and nut trees (12 coming this spring).

For me this is a hobby, like beekeeping, that will allow me to be independent of the modern supply system. While I do not think that it is likely that I would ever have to depend on the plans how many civilizations knew the end was just around the corner?