This is the my first year into bees so I am trying to learn alot in a short amount of time. As I blunder through and purchase my components I see something which seems very odd to me but I'm assuming is "normal". I have decided to go all 8 frame mediums and bought my unsassembled boxes from Mann Lake along with the standard plastic frames. After assembling the boxes and inspecting them over for a good tight fit, I found I can actually squeeze 9 frames in. Why is there so much extra room? I had thought that by being way over 3/8" extra without the ninth frame I will have serious burr comb issues. Should I build a jig to evenly space the frames across the box?
On this note about extra room, I find it unnerving that since the frames can be all over the place there is no way the slots of my slatted rack (from Brushy Mountain) will line up very well. I knew going into it that Brushy Mountain made their 8 frame items 1/4" smaller but even then I think I would have a lot of slop.

Thanks for any info