I lost a hive over the winter. This hive consisting of two deep boxes will soon be the home of a new package of bees. I fed heavily going into late summer and early fall. This has left me with one box of "honey" and one box that had contained the dead bees. The frames from the lower box have some old pollen and some thick shiny substance that I don`t know anything about. I shook out all the dead bees. They were mostly face down in the comb. I caught a swarm off my thriving hive earlier this week and placed this in this box with these frames only to find the swarm gone the next afternoon. I dont want my new package to leave . I`m planning on putting a couple of frames of brood from my thriving hive in with the hew package and putting frames from the dead hive into my thriving hive to be cleaned and used in it. I really wanted to start my package on drawn comb, but not if there is something that will make them leave. Will it be too much work for the package to clean up these old frames? So like I said, "what to do?"