So, I went out to my hives a few minutes ago just to see if they were flying today. On one of my hives I have a medium with a screen on the bottom and it's filled with cedar shavings. I took the outer cover off and a bunch of water ran down the inside of the cover and there is a bit of mold forming under there as well. I stuck my hand in the cedar chips and it is VERY wet. As I dug deeper I could feel a lot of warmth from the bees.

I had some twigs about .25" in each corner of the cedar filled medium to vent it out some - apparently not enough. So I took a couple of pieces of scrap wood an inch thick to prop up the cover even more.

Is that much moisture normal? They are in and out. I didn't see them bringing any pollen, but the maples, etc are blooming. Is this most likely moisture from the nectar or from the bees? It has 2 deeps and lots of bees.