I would love to hear from some treatment free beekeepers with a description of the areas where they are successfully keeping bees without treatment. What I'm curious about is ....

How saturated is the area surrounding your apiaries with your own stock?
Is there a major infusion of package bees into your region in the spring?
How many other apiaries, not your own, are within range of your yards?

The reason I ask is, I've been told that the county where I have my yards set up has the highest number of beekeepers and apiaries in the state. It's a terrific area for honey production and it seems there are beehives set up on every street corner you pass. Each spring there is a major introduction of hundreds of package bees into this area, good production bees but not at all mite tolerant. Everyone in the county who does not treat seems to be hopelessly trapped on the package treadmill. I just wonder if it is even possible to maintain your own treatment free stock in this type of environment, or would you need to set up your own breeding area in some other remote location?