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    Default Holy comb in the wrong places!! . . and I'm "balling?" on the other?

    I am +5 days after first ever 3lb installations for two hives. . . performing first inspection . . and need your help.

    I am using zip-loc feeder with mini-riser/super (about 3 inches tall) from Brushy mountain. Upon removing the inner cover, I find 3 combs full of sugar syrup that I pulled apart when removing the inner cover (it was attached to top of brood frames and inner cover). She did lays eggs in comb below on plastic foundation (waxed coating).

    IMAG1425[2].jpg IMAG1427.jpg

    Not having any experience with this, I decided to scrape all of this comb to the bottom so they could recycle it (I was also installing a slatted board rack that created a cavity for this messy comb). I turned the inner cover over to hopefully discourage them from doing this again. Any suggestions? (oh and the queen was laying a lot of eggs in a regular pattern).

    Now for the "Balling?" . . . .

    I opened the other hive and found a lot of bees attached to the inner cover. I watched the ball "melt" and to my surprise . . there was the queen!!? I coaxed her back between some frames and she disappeared. I could see she was laying a lot of eggs in a regular pattern . . .so why am I "balling"? sniffle . . .sniffle?

    For more a much longer description and better pictures go here:

    Thus, two questions . . .
    1. Did I do the right thing by scraping all of the comb to the bottom? and why would they do this?
    2. What gives with the "balling"?


    Eddie O.
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