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    Default Problem with queens

    Seems like im having a problem with virgin queens coming back to the hive after mating runs as I've seen multiply of my nucs which had raised virgin queens now go queen-less even thought i only have three nucs and there spaced apart well


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    Default Re: Problem with queens

    I just had 55% success with 22 virgin queens, a friend just had 60% success with 20 virgin queens. Maybe just bad luck that all 3 didn't take. Some beekeepers have reported much lower success rates. Last year I had 0% success with virgins. Just happens.

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    Default Re: Problem with queens

    The virgins cam is talking about above is caged virgins that were bought, the ones your talking about were made inthe nuc?

    Anyway, i have had several people contact me this year regarding queenless splits and issues. in some cases a dragonfly infestation is our main conclusion.

    HOwever, remember even under the best circumstances a 80-90% is normal and it gets worst as the season drys up and under harsh weather conditions like rain, winds, cold weather.

    I know yall have been having cool damp weather for some time now... check your calendar, do the math, check the weather during that time frame and see what type of weather issues you had during your mating week for the virgins...

    due to rain i had several nucs (about 50) having a delayed mating by about 1 week...

    Usually on my "let them make their own" nucs i get above 90% in the early spring and then about 75-80% in the summer...

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    Default Re: Problem with queens

    You have to figure - the queen is at risk as soon as she flys out of the hive. Not only does she have to make note of which hive she is coming from, she then has to find where the drone hangout is and mate. Once she is done, she has to fly back and find the CORRECT hive to come back to.

    Meanwhile, predators are waiting - birds, other insects. The wind is blowing, rain may start falling.


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