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    Default Queen in a ball of bees.

    Went into a hive today. Noticed the bees had the queen in a golf ball size ball. I brushed the ball with my finger and they dispersed. Then they started to ball her up again. No supecedure cells or swarm cells were in the hive. Any good reason why they appear to be killing there queen with no queen cells in the hive. Capped brood and some open brood was in the hive also. Or do the bees ball her up sometimes for protection from me? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Queen in a ball of bees.

    Hey gibbly,
    I had an exact situation like that last week. Unfortunately the queen flew off on I put the have back together. They were working the next day like there was no problem at all. Went back in 3 days later and a queen cell had been drawn out. I guess i didnt give them long enough to draw it out before crushing it.
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