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    Default Mixing and Storing Sugar Syrup

    Maybe my question is too simple for the regular Forum because no one answered, so I will try it on this beginner Forum:

    If I read correctly, I should mix 1 gallon on water (8 lbs) to 8 lbs of sugar. First I am supposed to boil the water to kill any bad stuff in the water (supposed to keep the syrup from spoiling as quickly?), let it cool to 140 degrees and then mix the sugar into it. Sound right? How far ahead of using the syrup so you mix it up? And what kind of container do you keep it in for easy pouring? How long will the syrup last in a sealed I need to refridgerate it?

    Thank you!


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    Default Re: Mixing and Storing Sugar Syrup

    I don't boil my syrup. I'm an oddball, I don't think the exact ratio is that important, I just need to get some feeding in and sugar water works. I mix a 25lb bag to a 5 gallon bucket using a paint stir in my cordless drill. Or I use a 10lb bag to a 2 gallon plastic bottle, or a 5lb bag to a one gallon plastic bottle, if I need smaller amounts. I mix it and let it sit over night before using it.

    I use a 1/4 cup vinegar in the 5 gallons, or a couple table spoons in the 2 gallon, or a table spoon in the one gallon mixes. It helps to prevent yeast growth and spoilage. If there is any left over when done feeding, I keep it in the fridge until refill time on the hives.

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    Default Re: Mixing and Storing Sugar Syrup

    1:1 which is the spring mixture is 1 pint per lb of sugar so if you want to make smaller batches you can. However it does keep well in a fridge set lower than 40F, at least a couple of weeks. As last post, an acid added such as lemon juice or vinegar slows molding. I add a Tbsp per quart.

    No need to sterlize municipal supply water or drinking well water. If I recall correctly, one needs to boil 5-10 mins to purify contaminated water.

    Bring water to a boil, remove from heat and them mix in sugar does make dissolving the sugar easier. No need to cool to 140F before adding sugar.

    I keep surplus syrup in quart glass jars that are well cleaned/sterilzed in dishwasher. Put lids back on that are slso washed in dishwasher.

    Give stored syrup the smell test or taste test to see if it has deteriorated.

    it the smell test or taste test to check if it is dete
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