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    Default Rooftop hive in Chicago

    Hi All,
    I'll be starting my first hive this season. I own a brick two-flat in Chicago with a flat roof. The building faces south with a cornice at the top.
    My thoughts were to locate the back of the hive near the cornice which would act as a windbreak and provide some shade in the late afternoon.
    The entrance to the hive will be facing east. I've read so much about the 8-frame vs. 10-frame hive that my head is about to explode.
    All I want to know is, would it be better for the bees to use the traditional 10-frame hive body with 2-3 honey (medium) supers or
    five 8-frame honey supers (no hive body). I've been considering the latter due to the potential weight of the supers and the fact that the
    hive is on the roof where using a ladder is the only access. This is Chicago where winter can be brutal some seasons.
    I really want to do what's best for the bees.
    Please advise.

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    Default Re: Rooftop hive in Chicago

    The differance in 8 or 10 frames is more for you than the bees how much do you want to lift.
    Some folks that I hang with say that 8 frame is not good to winter in this part of the country but I have never tried 8 frame so its probably six of one and half dozen of the other.
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    Default Re: Rooftop hive in Chicago

    rdlp18 Hi, welcome to beekeeping.I live in Toledo Oh and I run 8 and 10 frame, I love 8 frame more than 10.I run my hives my way some times that's w a 10 frame on the bottom and than I will run all 8 frame honey supers.In the last 5 years I have not lost one 8 frame hive it seems to work for me going to 5 frame nuk's this winner. good luck
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    Default Re: Rooftop hive in Chicago

    The bees don't care about the box, it's not about the box, it is about the bees inside the box. Get good bees.

    The boxes, get for your convenience. I'd reccommend all 8 frame medium boxes. They are lighter, and 2 inches less wide, so center of gravity is closer to your body therefore easier to lift and carry. You're managing these with a ladder remember. A beehive or 2 is not worth a life of agony if you fall and live.


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