Got 2 packages in the mail today and I'm ready to install. The only problem is a forecasted low tonight of about 24 degrees. For the last two weeks the highs have been in the 70's and lows in the upper 40's which is unusual, but now tonight is swinging to the other end of the pendulum. The next couple days aren't supposed to be as cold, so I am debating waiting to install the packages until tomorrow when it won't be as cold and feed them a little bit today. Or will they be able to generate enough heat on their own to make it out okay? I was planning on putting them into one 8-frame box each, and hadn't been planning on using a division board because it has been so warm, but now I'm thinking I might have to adjust. I also don't have any drawn comb frames; going foundationless.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.