Been trying to keep bees for years now. Had them freeze, starve over winter, devastated by wax moths twice...
Had a wild swarm move in, produced 150 # of honey. I split it with a new queen. The second hive got wax moths because I didn't put an entrance
reducer on it. UGH!!

Last year, I walk-away split the one I had left and the weaker hive (no SBB) froze or something. There was honey in the hive.
The 'other' hive (SBB) is booming.

I want/need honey, but I want to split. But at this point, I'm afraid to do anything.
I have a deep brood chamber, one full medium with capped honey and a medium that's almost full, honey not capped.
It will need a new medium super soon.

Do I split? When?
When can I take the honey? After they have a hundred pounds?