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Thread: not MY bee!

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    My redbud is in full bloom as is a few other plants and bushes. They are covered in black and yellow big bees; natives I believe. I could only get one half decent picture. Funny bees, they would fly around me really, really fast making a big noise if they were annoyed; I just froze and then they went back to business. Bees from my hive were not on these same plants. I am curious as to why; are the big bumblebees keeping them off or do they just prefer other plants?


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    I read once that their tongues are longer, which gives them the capability of accessing more nectar sources. Not sure if that is the case here or not.

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    I've seen those guys pollinating mostly my tomatoes & sunflowers around that the honeybees treat with general disregard as sub-par nectar producers.


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