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    Default Commercial beekeepers needed for annual Winter Loss Survey

    Hi! I'm helping with the annual National Winter Loss Survey the AIA began conducting in 2007. Could you help us out by taking this survey this year? If so, go to

    We have 1,000's of backyard beekeepers responding, but very few commercial and mid-size/part-time operators. There are questions in this year's survey that can help determine management practices you may be doing that would explain differences in colony losses between you and your piers. The results will be much more useful for commercial beekeepers if more participate. We need statistical power to show possible results of differences in management, like what types of mite control used, antibiotic use, etc. These results are presented on

    More backyard beekeepers would be extremely helpful too, just saying we really, really need more beekeepers participating that keep more than 50 hives. And we really, really, really need more respondents that keep over 500 hives. Please take a few minutes to respond. Its open open from 30 March 2012 through 20 April 2012.

    Thank you,

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    Cool Re: Commercial beekeepers needed for annual Winter Loss Survey

    I did the survey, but don't realy think it will help. I'm just a large honey producer that buys package bees every year for big honey production.


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