well, i took the plunge this morning and set up a trap out at my brothers house. i use the swarm box i had built and cut a hole in the back, ran some pvc pipe from there to a screen i put over their entrance. i used a small piece of the same screen to make somewhat of a oneway gate in the end of the pvc pipe going into the box. i am a newbee so i have no brood comb or any comb for that matter. there are topbars in the swarm box with bees wax rubbed on them and lemon grass oil. i have to go back and make they can make it through the little gate in the pipe, if not, will take the top of and make needed ajustments. plans are to let it stay there for atleast a month that way i should have comb builders, fanners, guards, and field bees. not much chance getting the queen without brood comb from what i have read. any comments or suggestion appreciated. also placed sugar water on top , i know they will be hungry.