Hey anglers and sparkies,
So I'm getting a fishfinder for the 'yak, and have some head-scratchers. I'm working out how much battery capacity I'll need. Humminbird support tells me that the two models I'm considering (Piranhamax 170 and 160) draw the same amperage, 100 milliamps (mA), which I take to mean .1 amps per hour. They use the same transceiver. However the 170 runs 1600 watts and the 160 runs 800 on the same 12V supply. How could they possibly have the same draw?

And part II, for fishing 'yak nerds only: I might also run my night light off this same power supply (as opposed to a battery-powered flashlight conversion dealie). Anyone use or recommend a 12V DC LED white 360 lamp I could PVC up into a night-time running light?