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    Default Wanted: Virgin Queens

    I am looking to buy virgin queens from several breeders this year. I would like to get 5 queens per shipment and can handle one shipment per week to start. The week of March 26th is booked.

    I would also consider a few mated VSH queens around the first to middle of May.

    I prefer to pay with a debit card (or Paypal) but would consider Postal Money order... Please Pm me here or call between 9:00 to 9:00 eastern time and ask for Eric.

    Thank you for your time,
    Eric Pendleton
    (606) 787-1965

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    Default Re: Wanted: Virgin Queens

    H&L Bee Farm in GA has virgin Minn Hy Italians........ 229-468-7660

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    Default Re: Wanted: Virgin Queens

    We mostly produce cells, but I can hatch you some virgins and ship them. We have Pol-Line from Glenns, and successful daughters crossed out with VSH. I also have some Big nest very yellow Italians and Cordovans that we graft from occasionally. PM or call 910 879 7685


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