I know, very new-Bee question.

So, when do you guys harvest your Warre? I did not touch them this last fall - left all the stores for the winter. I did not feed in the fall (oops!) because Im am a rookie and did not realize it was a good idea until too late. Any how, Im in Oregon and after a non-harsh winter my bees are rocking. They appear to have made it through the winter and the boxes are still loaded with honey. One hive (which was started early spring (late april 2011)) was weak at first but picked up steam through the summer. It is sitting now with three boxes - two appear fairly full and are very heavy while the third was just added (nadiring) and is empty. The second hive was my first captured swarm of wild NW bees (they are very small and black and were given a home in early june 2011) and they went into the winter with one box full and a second only 1/4 full of cross-comb. It now has a empty on the bottom as well, that i just added. So, at this time, the bees are all flying on warm days and bringing back tons of pollen. they don't appear to have used hardly any of their winter reserves

When would you harvest some of their reserves? I was thinking of waiting until may or so but I dont want them to get too 'comfortable' and like to make them work for their keep. I have read that some harvest in the fall and others harvest in the spring but am usure as to when these spring harvesters do it.

I know I have some Warre experts in my area but am curious across the board. Thanks in advance....