We planted about 1/2 acre of Hubam clover - an annual white sweet clover - here in New Brunswick, Canada last year and had excellent success with it. We are in Zone 4. We planted it in late May by broadcasting and raking it in and then packing it. It started bloooming at the beginning of August and was in full bloom by the middle of August. It continued to flower into October surviving frosts. The bees loved it. It grew to be over 6 feet tall and blocked out most other weeds. I would highly recommend this. The suggested seeding rate is 10 to 15 lbs per acre and the cost before shipping is about $3 per pound. You can get it from Douglas King Seeds in San Antonia, Texas. Their website is http://www.dkseeds.com/. This is an annual clover so depending on when you plant it and the growing season where you are it may or may not reseed itself depending on whether it has enough time for the seed to mature.