My first colony has made it through the winter (thus far). I put a candy board in early January as insurance.
The temps are finally warm as our snow pack is melting away (upper peninsula of MI). I have not inspected hive other than looking in the top briefly and noticed that the cluster is in top hive body under candy board.

Current status:
> Day temps between 45 F and 65 F, night temps between 30 F and 45 F.
> The candy board still has some candy on it.
> The colony is in the top of 2 hive bodies (HB) (Deeps) with entrance reducer in.
> the workers have been actively flying out through upper entrances on warm days.

Questions for the experienced beekeepers:
1) Can/should I start feeding with 1:1 sugar solution?
2) Is there an issue with leaving candy board on and feeding with sugar solution?
3A) Should I reverse hive bodies (HB) putting empty (now bottom) HB to top and put HB with colony on bottom?
3B) Or should I consolidate and remove bottom HB and put feeder on top of HB with colony and add second deep as colony expands?