When I started bee keeping I was taught to feed pollen substitute patties in the spring. I abandoned the practice after three years. I don't care to feed my bees fake stuff. I just lost most of my bees to what I think is not enough winter bees due to not enough pollen during a severe summer/fall drought in my area [see my post elsewhere]. (Also in hindsight, I realize it was the second drought in a row for fall blooming plants in my area).

I do think it is wise to now have pollen traps as part of my beekeeping equipment. I have never used one, but I have several questions.

1) How many traps do I need to create adequate pollens stores for emergencies (drought, to wet)? I plan to max out my operation at 120 hives.
2) How long can I store the pollen in the freezer and it still be viable for bee food?