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    Hi everyone I am sure that everyone else is looking forward to the honey flow as much as I am. This is my first year getting honey and I am unsure as to when I should harvest. I am aware that the honey flow will be over by June, but I am worried about extracting too early. If the nectar flow starts in Charlotte, NC on about April 14, when should I extract to get the maximum amount of honey? June, or July?

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    You can harvest by the frame or by the box, some harvest after the spring flow and some wait until around Labor day to harvest after the fall flow(if there is a fall flow)it just depends on you and your style or needs. A spring flow often gives a diffrent honey (taste/color)than a fall flow, some like to keep them seperate and some don't
    If you have wax moth or SHB problems you may want to harvest after each flow of which there may be as many as 3 or 4 or none at all. I know this is not a clear answer but it all depends on you, your bees, your weather and your luck. Jim
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