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    Default small cell wax starter

    I will be getting some large cell nucs this spring, and I want to work at getting them regressed, so I have obtained some 4.9 wax foundation. I'm thinking about cutting some 2 inch deep strips and attach them into my deep frames that I will add to the nucs when I get them. Having never used small cell foundation before, I want to know what the bees are likely to do with the strips, can I expect them to build small cell on the strips and then continue to fill out the rest of the frame with natural comb of a larger cell size? Or, will they just build all natural comb larger than 4.9 throughout the whole frame? What experiences have you had doing it the way I plan to do it? Should I just use whole sheets of 4.9 instead of strips to get the best result? Thanks. John

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    Default Re: small cell wax starter

    If you didn't mind plastic, I'd just use PF-100's. You can always scrape off poorly formed comb and reuse them.
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