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    Default Robbing frequency?

    I believe my hive fought off three robbing attempts today. What has been your experience with attacks? How soon will the robbers give up?

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    Default Re: Robbing frequency?

    On their own? When there is nothing left to rob, or forage becomes available. If you don't do something to stop/prevent it once it starts it just about never stops on it's own.

    You would be amazed at how well a large hive can function with a very small entrance.
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    Default Re: Robbing frequency?

    I recently did a split and right away my orignal hive began to rob from the split. I had to reduce the entrance and then drape a towel over the front of the hive for a couple days. After a short time I removed the towel and the split began to guard the entrance pretty well and I didn't seem to have any more problems.

    So with that being said my guess would be that they will eventually give up if your hive is actually preventing the robbers from getting in. However if there are any getting in and out they will continue until something stops them or there is nothing left to rob.


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