I just started BVT on my husband 2 days ago. We started with his knee and ankle and so far it looks like we're going to have good results. The first time we did 2 stings on each then today we did 3 on each. His ankle doesn't welt or swell much but it itches intensely. Is this normal and what do you do for the itch or do you do nothing. So far he chooses to do nothing because he doesn't want to chance stopping the good effects like pain relief.
He has a back injury we need to treat. I don't know the L whats but it's in the middle of his back. Any suggestions for where I should sting and how many to start with?
We are beekeepers and have been interested in BVT for sometime and after reading this forum he decided we had to try it. He hates taking pain pills and they don't help the pain in his knee and ankle anyway. He said the stings stopped the pain. We will be thrilled if he can get the same results with his back.