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    Default Using honey for Brine?

    I was looking up the temp for smoking some fish and seen that one of the Alaska recipes called for using honey rather than brown sugar. Anybody use this before? Is it a 1:1 replacement?
    Note that fish were harmed in the attached photo:
    Larger are Chinook, smaller are coho.
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    Default Re: Using honey for Brine?

    I have used honey for curing rather than brown sugar (not on fish though). Honey has a lot more water. I would leave out some of the water when converting from brown sugar to honey in any recipe.
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    Default Re: Using honey for Brine?

    I have used honey or maple syrup in my brines and I leave out some of the water.
    How much? I don't know; I do it by eye!

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    Default Re: Using honey for Brine?

    I brine pork and poultry with molasses or honey, either work well. I don't worry about adding less water and they always come out great, I just keep my salt to liquid ratio 3/4 cup of sea salt to one gallon of liquid.


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